Daniel Halemba Investigation: Allegations of Money Laundering and More

2024-04-19 15:34:34

After months of investigations into sedition, the Würzburg public prosecutor’s office has further investigations against the Bavarian AfD member of the state parliament Daniel Halemba initiated. We are now also investigating Money laundering, communal coercion and damage to property, said an authority spokesman. The spokesman initially did not want to give details of the allegations for tactical reasons.

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The public prosecutor accused Halemba of questionable investigations

Halemba himself said he would welcome “if the facts were clarified through objective investigations.” “I am firmly convinced that I have not committed any criminal offense.” The 22-year-old said he was deceived by taking advantage of his good nature. He did not provide further details about the allegations. “If I am responsible for any damage caused, I will pay for it in full.”

The prosecution accused Halemba of being questionable Investigations before. “It is absurd to stop proceedings against co-accused who are not politically active and to want to bring charges against me with the same unsubstantiated allegations.” At the same time, he was confident that the newly added investigations “will result in a dismissal or an acquittal.”

The Würzburg public prosecutor’s office has been investigating Halemba for months on suspicion of incitement to hatred. In the meantime, the 22-year-old was also wanted on an arrest warrant, but this has since been revoked. Halemba himself points this out Accusations from the public prosecutor back.

Halemba remains in office

The MP is also controversial within his own party. Halemba has already been banned from holding office within the party for two years by the Bavarian state executive because of trickery when drawing up lists for the state elections. At a state party conference he was welcomed by the The majority of delegates asked for thisto resign from his parliamentary mandate. However, this decision was not binding for Halemba.

The state parliamentary group AfD in Bavaria also supported him. The 22-year-old will remain a member of the Maximilianeum until further notice.

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