Darktide tried to justify monetization, but created a meme

Brutal co-op shooter Warhammer 40,000: Darktide came out on November 30th and collected mixed reviews in Steam. Players criticize the studio project Fatshark for a number of technical problems: crashes, bugs, long loading times, an unintuitive interface and non-working basic functions, in particular, the forge does not allow you to redistribute characteristics.

The game was priced at 2749 rubles, while a game store with cosmetic skins has already been screwed to it. It itself caused outrage among the players, but in addition, skins cost 2400 “eagles”, and there are only sets of 500, 2100, 4500 and 7000 coins for sale. And the skins themselves are limited in time and will simply disappear a few days after the purchase.

A Fatshark spokesman attempted to justify the team’s decisions in Discord. He declaredthat for the first time hears a request to buy a certain amount of Aquilas for the right purchases.

We hope to add a “buy what you need” feature, it’s just that it’s immeasurably difficult. So we won’t do it overnight.


It is clear that such an answer did not please the players. But they immediately grabbed a fragment of it – immeasurably complex, turning it into a meme.

Explaining why I won’t buy this game in the foreseeable future is immeasurably difficult.

Look, man, this is immeasurably difficult. Our little gamer minds just can’t figure out what we’re asking for here.

It is so immeasurably difficult that only our local pizzeria figured out how to make it possible to pay as much money through the site as needed

In an interview with the publication PC Gamer co-founder of Fatshark confessedthat the developers simply forgot to add one of the game currency packages. They were going to make it so that they could buy a set that would definitely be enough for a skin, but they noticed too late that this was exactly what was missing. But the developers intend to fix this error, although they do not say when exactly.

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