dBTechnologies’ Hot Spot Salvador Carnival- midifan: We focus on computer music

The PA system from dBTechnologies provided clear and loud sound, serving up to 100,000 spectators at El Salvador’s largest pop festival, featuring performances by renowned band Oro Solido and artist Zacarias Ferreira.

The event was a huge success and was organized under the patronage of Alcaldia de San Miguel to celebrate the local festival with traditional music and dance. Working with sound engineer Layo Jacobo, La Joya Producciones’ technical team chose the dBTechnologies VIO Series for their sound setup to provide clear and consistent sound coverage.

The team laid out the overall system, including:

  • Main sound reinforcement: 40 VIO L212 (20 on each side)
  • Front fill: 4 VIO L212
  • Outfield: 9 DVA T12 on each side
  • Side fill: 4x DVA S30N and 6x DVA T12 (3x T12 and 2x S30N per side)
  • 36 subwoofers provide low frequency
  • 18 VIO S218 are arranged in a heart shape under the stage
  • 6 VIO S318 cardioid front fills
  • There are 12 heart-shaped S30N on both sides

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