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Original title: Deadlock!Salah insists on asking for £400,000 a week and refuses to budge

On January 17, Beijing time, the British “Daily Mirror” revealed that Salah believed that his request for a weekly salary of 400,000 pounds was reasonable, and he refused to discuss the salary issue in the renewal negotiations with the Premier League giants Liverpool. Concession.

Although he is currently playing in the African Cup of Nations for Egypt, Salah’s contract renewal talks have not stopped. According to the Daily Mirror, Salah believes his request for £400,000 a week is reasonable. Salah’s contract will expire in June next year. Prior to this, Liverpool and the Egyptian striker have had several rounds of contract renewal negotiations, but have not reached an agreement so far. The two sides have big differences on the salary of the player’s new contract.

Salah is currently on a £200,000-a-week salary and has demanded a new deal worth £400,000 a week. Pharaoh believes that Ronaldo’s weekly salary at Manchester United is about 500,000 pounds, and De Bruyne’s weekly salary after renewing his contract with Manchester City last year also reached 400,000 pounds, and he should get a matching weekly salary at his peak. , while the £400,000 request was reasonable and he would not budge. Salah has shown his peak form this season. He has made 26 appearances for Liverpool in all competitions, scoring 23 goals and providing 11 assists.

The Mirror says Liverpool are desperate to renew Salah’s contract but do not want to meet his £400,000-a-week wage demands. Although the Reds coach Klopp revealed that the club’s negotiations with Salah are developing in a positive direction, in reality, the player’s weekly salary of 400,000 pounds is difficult to meet.

Liverpool plan to offer Salah a new four-year contract. If the Egyptian’s £400,000-a-week salary requirement is met, it means the club will spend more than £80 million to pay his wages, which will be serious. Undermine the club’s salary system. Although Salah is the Reds’ top card, Liverpool executives believe that no one player’s personal interests should take precedence over the club’s. If talks between Liverpool and Salah end in a breakdown, Pharaoh will leave the team, which will be a fatal blow for the Reds.Return to Sohu, see more


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