Bielefeld’s Masaya Okugawa has decided again! Bundes 4 rounds 7th in a row !! Japan national team long-awaited theory !?

 BielefeldMFMasaya OkugawaDoes not stop. On the 16th, when I played against G. Furt at home, the first half 8 minutes, DFCedric BrunnerMF from the floating ball path ofFlorian KrugerOkugawa turned to the front with the ball dropped by Okugawa and invaded the area from a sharp vertical breakthrough. I poured it into the course with my right foot and scored the first goal.

Okugawa continues to score consecutive goals in the match against Bochum on December 14, 2009, the match against Leipzig on the 18th, and the match against Freiburg on the 8th, which was the first team in 2010. According to Opta, Bielefeld will be the third person in history to have a series of four rounds.

The team allowed a reversal after this, but in the 38th minute of the second half the midfielderGonzalo CastroI brought it to the draw by the score of. It was a draw for two consecutive races, and there was no loss in four races.

The overwhelming scoring power shown by Bielefeld, who is sluggish at 16th place, is completely the star of the team’s hope. Also, the long-awaited theory for the Japanese national team aiming to participate in the World Cup is likely to be heard.

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