Death of Sourour Abouda in a police station: hundreds of people gather to demand explanations

Several hundred people gathered on Saturday afternoon at Place Poelaert, in front of the Brussels courthouse, to demand clarity and justice regarding the death of Sourour Abouda, this 46-year-old Brussels resident found dead in a Brussels police cell. last January 12.

According to the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, the forty-something died of suicide, a version that the demonstrators again questioned on Saturday. Employed in the social sector in Brussels for years, Sourour Abouda had been arrested in a drunken state on January 12 around 6 a.m. on rue Américaine in Brussels. She was then locked up in a Brussels police cell on rue Royale, where she was found lifeless a little later. The provisional conclusions of the autopsy report and the first elements of the investigation ruled out any intervention by a third party, according to the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, which evokes a suicide by strangulation with the help of a garment, which doubts his family though.

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