Dengue: Understanding Symptoms, Risks, and Prevention – A Comprehensive Guide

2023-08-08 11:07:52

50 to 90% of people infected with dengue do not experience symptoms. For others, the first signs of the disease appear after the incubation period, which lasts on average between four and seven days. Dengue first results in a sudden fever, accompanied by chills, vomiting, joint and muscle pain or a rash around the 5th day after the appearance of the first symptoms.

There is also a severe form of the disease, which concerns between 5 and 1% of symptomatic cases. “It is characterized by an increase in vascular permeability which can lead to shock and haemorrhages which can be life-threatening”, warns Public Health France.

The symptoms characterizing it often appear after the disappearance of the fever and result in severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, bleeding from the gums or nose, or even fatigue, blood in the vomit or stool, strong feeling thirsty and pale, cold skin, sharp the World Health Organization (OMS).

It should be noted that a severe form is more likely to develop in the event of a second infection. Indeed, it is possible to be infected several times because there are four serotypes of the dengue virus. Infection by one serotype gives the bitten individual immunity against that particular serotype, but not against the other three.

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