Despite Manchester City’s triumph Pep Guardiola couldn’t hide his anger

2023-05-06 20:41:29

Manchester City, with Julián Álvarez as the starter, beat Leeds United 2-1 at home today and increased their lead as leader of the Premier League, at the start of date 35. Despite the triumph, the coach could be seen Pep Guardiola angry with the goalscorer Erling Haaland.

The Norwegian was the focus of Guardiola’s anger when, with the game still 2-0, he gave the penalty to Gündogan, who missed itand the DT was seen signaling to the Norwegian and yelling at him: “You are in charge, kick him…”.

“Talk about your generosity but I do that when you are 4 to 0 up and there are 10 minutes left…”, explained the DT later at the press conference about what he thought of Haaland’s act.

Los goals from Ilkay Gündogan, at 19 and 27 minutes into the first half, allowed Pep Guardiola’s Catalan team to close the story earlydespite Rodrigo Moreno’s discount five minutes from the end that put the definition on hold.

Álvarez He continues to establish himself in the starting eleven in recent games as a midfielder along with three teammates behind Norwegian striker Erling Haaland.

Manchester City has 82 points and takes four from Arsenal, who will visit Newcastle tomorrow (12:30 from Argentina).

Other results today: Bournemouth 1-Chelsea (Enzo Fernandez); Tottenham Hotspur (Cristian Romero) 1-Crystal Palace 0 y Wolverhampton 1-Aston Villa (Emiliano “Dibu” Martinez and Emiliano Buendía); Liverpool 1-Brentford 0.

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