Lin Zhiying’s beloved wife forced her son “Who are older parents?” Kimi’s “honest answer” atmosphere is very stiff-MinTV News

Entertainment Center/Reported by Lin Tingling

The 47-year-old “old man” Lin Zhiying and his wife Chen Ruoyi have 3 sons, the eldest son Kimi, and the twin sons Jenson and Kyson. The couple often share their lives with fans on social platforms. Recently, Chen Ruoyi shared afternoon tea with Kimi. Speaking of the “real age” of the parents, but hearing her completely unexpected response, the atmosphere of making mother and son having afternoon tea to spend a good time instantly froze.

Chen Ruoyi shared the content of the conversation with her eldest son Kimi when she had afternoon tea on Weibo. She asked Kimi “How old do you think Mommy is?”, and her son responded “How old is it?”, she then asked “What about Dad’s ratio?” “The son said, “Is it 30 years old?” She further asked “Then do you think Dad is older or Mommy is older?”, but she didn’t expect her son to immediately answer “You!”.

Chen Ruoyi shared the content of the conversation with her elder son Kimi while having afternoon tea on Weibo. (Picture/Retrieved from Chen Ruoyi’s Weibo)

Chen Ruoyi still did not give up, and asked Kimi “Do you know how old is my dad?”, but her son said, “He has always been like this”, and Chen Ruoyi continued to ask “How old do you think he is?”, then her son found out that he had afternoon tea. The atmosphere froze instantly, and after 3 minutes of silence, he secretly looked out of the window.

Lin Zhiying's beloved wife forced her son
Kimi realized that after talking about age issues with her mother, the atmosphere of afternoon tea instantly froze, and she secretly looked out of the window. (Picture/Retrieved from Chen Ruoyi’s Weibo)

In fact, the 38-year-old Chen Ruoyi is “nine years younger” than Lin Zhiying, but Lin Zhiying is a well-known immortal god in the entertainment industry. This time even his son is certified, and the conversation between the mother and the child laughed and laughed at the conversation between the two of them. “The pit I dug had to jump by myself”, “Do you regret opening this topic?” “Kimi is so small and has to bear such a heavy topic~”, “Hasn’t Zhiying always been like this? I have never been old.”

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