Karen Bejarano: From Fame to Self-Empowerment – Revealing Untold Stories

2023-07-13 01:41:56

It was the year 2004 when the Chilean artist Karen Bejarano He had already been participating in the most popular youth program of the time for a year, Soft. At that time the singer was known for her hit song “Friend, friend, friend”, which is remembered to this day. However, despite his fame, this would not have had a good time in the television space.

In his participation in the podcast “So much damage” of the comedian known as Catalin the artist revealed a awkward episode where he asked for a raisewhich was denied in a bad way.

“After I began to treat myself (sic) I began to believe in myself again and in myself there was something that they always told me on TV, that when one was going to ask for a salary increaseI was going to say ‘hey, you know what I’m sorry, they’re paying me 100 and I need 120 because I can’t afford the micro’ and they told me ‘Do you know how many Karen Paola there are outside?’“he recalled.

To which he added: “All these, all these who want the same thing as you and could do it for free”they would have told him. Faced with such a response, Karen Bejarano admitted that she acted with a feeling of guilt before the team Soft.

Added to this, the singer reflected and stated that this phrase marked her for a long time, which she was finally able to work on in psychological therapy and that she managed to resignify herself by giving herself courage. “Now I say: ‘There is no Karen Paola, I am the only and unrepeatable’, we are all unique and unrepeatable”recounted.

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Bejarano also recounted that during those years, unlike today, she did not feel sufficiently empowered by her talent: “I was a directed pawn, I was a smaller person, much smaller, so I didn’t know how to set limits (…) They happened to take me many times and I began to lose my strength, the power of the mind that I had”.

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