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Original title: Details announced on May 30, Chengdu’s new crown pneumonia added overseas import “1+2”

Sichuan News Network – First Screen News Chengdu, May 31 (Reporter Li Dan) On the 31st, the Chengdu Municipal Health and Health Commission announced that from 0-24:00 on May 30, there were no new local confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections in Chengdu. By. 1 newly imported confirmed case and 2 newly imported asymptomatic infections. 1 new confirmed case was discharged from hospital, and 4 asymptomatic infections were released from centralized isolation and medical observation.

As of 24:00 on May 30, Chengdu has reported a total of 1,666 confirmed cases (including 1,346 imported from abroad), a total of 1,634 discharged cases, and 3 deaths. The remaining 29 confirmed cases are being treated in isolation in designated hospitals. There are currently 35 asymptomatic infections in the city (5 local and 30 imported from abroad) who are undergoing centralized isolation and medical observation.

  1 new imported confirmed case

Confirmed case: Chinese nationality, departed from Canada and arrived in Chengdu on May 26.

  2 new cases of asymptomatic infections imported from abroad

Asymptomatic infected person 1: Chinese nationality, departing from Canada and arriving in Chengdu on May 19.

Asymptomatic infected person 2: Chinese nationality, departing from Canada and arriving in Chengdu on May 19.

The environment of the isolation point where the above confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected people live has been disinfected, and the close contacts are all under isolation and observation.

(Li Dan)

Source: Sichuan News Network

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