Details of the “strangest traffic violation” that a female citizen of Tabuk was surprised by more than 15 years after its issuance!

Al-Marsad newspaper: A citizen named Zainab Al-Anazi from Tabuk region was surprised to receive a traffic violation message last week, even though it had been registered since 2003 through the “Basher” system. The violation included speeding more than the permissible limit in populated areas.

According to the evidence obtained by “previously” from the citizen’s brother, that the violation was detected through the “Basher” system in 2003, that is, fifteen years before the “Bashr” system and seven years before the “Saher” system.

The woman’s brother confirmed that the violation was not valid because it occurred in 2003 and women were not allowed to drive at that time, pointing out that the location of the violation was Khamis Mushait and his sister had never gone to the south, and she did not own the vehicle at all, had never driven a car and did not hold a driver’s license. There is no data about the vehicle in the observed violation, according to “Previously”.

He explained that he refuses to pay the fine even if it is a small amount, noting that the Tabuk Traffic Department refused to object to the violation because more than a month has passed.

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