Devastating Floods Displace 43,000 in Eastern Libya: Updates and Relief Efforts

2023-09-21 11:56:02

The International Organization for Migration announced on Thursday that more than 43,000 people were displaced as a result of the sweeping floods in eastern Libya, especially the city of Derna.

The organization said in its latest report on the situation in eastern Libya after the passage of Storm Daniel on the night of September 10-11, which killed more than 3,300 people according to the authorities, “According to the latest estimates of the International Organization for Migration, 43,059 people were displaced as a result of floods in northeastern Libya.”

The organization added, “The lack of water supplies may have prompted many displaced people to leave Derna to head to other cities in the east and west of the country.”

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The Libyan authorities had asked the city’s residents not to use water from the local distribution network, considering that it was contaminated due to the torrent of floods.

The United Nations announced at the weekend that its agencies, especially the World Health Organization, are working to “prevent the spread of diseases and avoid a second devastating crisis in the region,” warning of risks associated with “water and the lack of sanitary supplies.”

The International Organization for Migration added that the urgent needs of displaced people include “food, fresh water, mental health and psychosocial support.”

On the other hand, mobile phone networks and the Internet were restored on Wednesday night in Derna after a 24-hour interruption, as announced by the Libyan authorities.

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Communications were cut off on Tuesday and journalists were asked to leave the stricken city the day after a demonstration by Derna residents to demand that the authorities in the east of the country be held accountable, considering them responsible for the disaster.

In the city with a population of 100,000, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the east of the country, floods resulting from the collapse of two dams under the pressure of heavy rains brought by Storm Daniel on September 10, caused the death of more than 3,300 people, according to the latest official provisional toll, and left a scene reminiscent of a square. Fierce war.

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