Diablo 4 Patch 1.03: Nightmare Dungeon Update and More from Blizzard Entertainment

2023-06-28 02:07:16

‘Diablo 4’ proceeded with patch 1.03. Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment (Blizzard)’s action role-playing game (RPG) ‘Diablo 4’ has released a 1.03 patch. Contents such as increase and experience increase, and job-specific updates are included. The most noticeable part is the nightmare dungeon-related update. The Nightmare Dungeon is a dungeon that can be opened using the ‘Seal of Nightmare’ and is regarded as the end content of Diablo 4. It consists of up to 100 stages, and each stage has a different difficulty level. When you clear a dungeon, you can definitely get a high-grade item and upgrade the ‘pattern’ used on the conqueror board. However, it was pointed out that the efficiency is low because there is not a big difference in experience or rewards from normal dungeons. Because of this, there were a significant number of users who repeatedly cycled through specific general dungeons, contrary to the development intention. Accordingly, Blizzard has greatly increased the experience points obtained when defeating monsters in the Nightmare Dungeon and the reward experience points when completing the dungeon through this patch. In addition, when using the seal, convenience has been improved by changing it so that you can teleport to the front of the dungeon using the map. In addition, Blizzard has increased the experience reward in the overall content to induce smooth character growth. Opening the crate of ‘Hell Wave’ made it possible to obtain much more additional experience points, and the reward experience gained from completing ‘The Whisper Tree’ was also greatly increased overall. The quality of the loot from the boss roaming the waves of hell has also been improved. Meanwhile, the development team announced that they will actively accept user feedback to improve the game quality. In season 1, which is scheduled for mid-July, the plan is to revive the fun of the hack and slash genre by increasing the density of monsters and elite monsters in end content. In addition, we plan to continuously increase the variety of builds for each class through additional balance updates. More detailed information on patch 1.03 can be found on the official website of Blizzard Korea. Reporter Daechan Moon mdc0504@kukinews.com View articles

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