discover the 10 warning signs of the disease that should alert you

If you ever want to spot the beginnings of Alzheimer’s disease, these 10 symptoms should help you see it more clearly!

How do you know if you have Alzheimer’s disease?

Ever since we learned to express ourselves, memory has been our main asset. Indeed, at school, at work or during everyday life, we need her to understand the difficulties of life. This is why we immediately realize when it fails us. Certainly, we often tend to put it on the back of age. Unfortunately, this is also a sign that Alzheimer’s disease is on the prowl. To get to the bottom of it, Objection interviewed a host of specialists and here is their verdict. In the form of top 10, you will discover all the necessary clues to the disclosure of this sad diagnosis. Here we go, follow the guide!

Some examples of memory loss

Spread the word. Forgetting or confusing the first name of your neighbor with another is not very serious. Even if she takes it badly and teases you that you have Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, zapper this appointment at the dentist, it’s a little more worrying. Despite your multiple digital / visual reminders as well as the reminders of those around you, nothing to do, it has passed under your nose. Next time, try to find another method so as not to make a mistake!

The difficulty of managing numbers

Lack of concentration is the main characteristic of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, if you used to follow the evolution of your budget carefully, the opposite is happening now. Instead of being familiar, the accumulation of numbers scares you. In fact, bills tend to pile up rather than get paid. By dint of postponing everything and forgetting to take care of it, it is clear that a tiny drop of water can quickly turn into a tsunami.

Slowing down of daily activities

Like the previous paragraph, forgetting how a small household appliance works suggests that Alzheimer’s disease is gaining ground. The situation can happen again if we manage to remember the rules of this board game. We may have passed on the torch to the younger generations, but it’s not always easy to admit our weaknesses to those around us. Suddenly, anger takes over the good mood. Everything quickly spirals out of control. What a pity !

No time stamp

Whether it is the sense of direction or the period, those with Alzheimer’s disease are incapable of being precise. No need to ask them the day or the season, they don’t know. Besides, if you ever notice a lack of confidence during a walk in a familiar neighborhood, Objection strongly recommend that you sound the alarm!

This pathology of vision linked to Alzheimer’s disease

From a certain age, eye experts recommend that we have cataract surgery. Do not panic, this manipulation is carried out in ambulatory. Yet for those with Alzheimer’s disease, hues and shapes have long been a concern. Without really admitting it, they have trouble recognizing faces, seeing their own.

When evils make us lose words

Losing vocabulary or the flow of a conversation is often a sign of Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, if this member of your family tends to repeat the same thing three times in a single sentence, this is undoubtedly the beginning of a long spiral. Instead of losing patience, try to help him take the steps to see a specialist.

Be careful not to lose your items

Like Tom Thumb, those with Alzheimer’s disease would do well to insert benchmarks to manage their daily lives. Alas, objects disappear from their original place and hide in incongruous places. Gradually, paranoia sets in. What if it was a robbery? No need to call Columbo. Be patient, that’s the key!

Alzheimer’s disease: complicated decision-making

Objection told you above, but the contact between those who have Alzheimer’s disease and the numbers is not easy. Also they are Unfortunately often the target of scammers of all kinds. This is why, on a daily basis, we recommend that you watch them like milk on fire.

Lack of social life

Cut off from the world, the patient of Alzheimer’s disease has the impression that the planet is angry with him. It is a real gear. The more he forgets, the more he distrusts others and mainly from those around him.

Alzheimer’s disease: beware of mood!

Between the frequent oversights or the lack of motivation, it is difficult to manage a patient with Alzheimer’s disease. This is why depression or weariness hangs over them. Each new day is an adventure whose ins and outs are difficult to predict. Everything that seems banal to us seems insurmountable to them. Objection suggest you buckle up! Until verdict neurological, the path can be strewn with pitfalls. Good luck !

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