“Discussing the future of a country with a party that wants the end of it is surprising”, reacts the CSC

On Thursday March 9 at 7 p.m. in the Salle Jacques Galant, Georges-Louis Bouchez and Theo Francken will face off in a “duel” organized by the mayor. “I invited them to Jurbise to discuss the future of our country,” explained Jacqueline Galant.

Democracy ?

“The debate organized by Jacqueline Galant in Jurbise on the future of our country with the MR and the N-VA arouses misunderstanding. The MR claims to be defender of Belgium and speaks of re “federalizing” certain competences. The DNA of the NVA is the reverse. Discussing the future of a country with a party that wants the end of it is still surprising,” reacts the CSC, the confederation of Christian trade unions.

According to the mayor of Jurbise, the totally opposite visions of the two parties will precisely allow a “beautiful democratic debate”. “If the debate and the exchange on various visions are part of democracy, we do not understand the interest when the positions are known in advance and will not change. If the N-VA is presented as a democratic party, Théo Francken flirts with the limits of our democracy”, denounces the CSC.

Another kind of debate

According to the union, these parties “show off and are already campaigning. In the meantime, poverty continues to increase, bills continue to grow, financial difficulties and credit applications are on the rise, the end of the month is coming earlier and earlier, shopping carts are struggling to fill up, some are making choices. terrible lives. »

This is why the CSC has decided to organize, on the same date, an evening debate with Benjamin Biard, political scientist at CRISP and professor at UCL Mons. “Rather than attending this political cinema, the CSC Mons-La Louvière and the MOC Hainaut Center will organize an evening debate on the theme of the future of our democracy”, announces the CSC.

The meeting is given at 7 p.m. at the MOC in Mons (Rue Marguerite Bervoets, 10).

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