Do not ignore it.. A warning sign that appears when climbing the stairs warns that you will have this dangerous disease!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Some people ignore another symptom indicating that you have bowel cancer, and the feeling of unexplained fatigue or shortness of breath while climbing stairs occurs due to slow blood loss through the stool.

For her part, British Dr. Sarah Mills, a colorectal surgeon at Leicester Hospital in London, said: “There are some symptoms of bowel cancer, including blood in the stool, diarrhea and constipation, weight loss, and abdominal pain.”

“Some of the less common symptoms include stools that are darker than usual, a feeling of not being able to completely empty the bowels, unexplained fatigue due to anemia, and loss of appetite,” Mills said. Anemia can also lead to side effects you may notice while climbing stairs, according to Mills. As reported in the British newspaper “Express”.

“Bowel cancers can also cause slow, undetectable blood loss in the stool, causing anemia, and making patients feel unusually tired or short of breath when climbing stairs.”

And she continued, “People who suffer from thinness notice a lump when pressing on the abdomen.”

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