Doctors confirmed that she was sterile, so she became pregnant in an unimaginable way

You will not believe what happened to this woman. A user called “Rush Sullivan” shared on the “Tik Tok” site, her followers, a unique experience she went through, and she told how she managed to get pregnant, after doctors confirmed that she was barren and could not have children.

In the details, Sullivan revealed that she ate foods that her compassionate husband cooked specially for her, explaining that she was infertile, and in a desperate attempt to have a child, her husband, Tom, was searching for foods that could help his wife restore balance to the hormones in her body, and even opened an account On Instagram to document his experience.

One doctor’s recommendation

The wife explained that she and her husband decided, after receiving a single recommendation from the doctors, that called them to “resort to a birth control center” to turn to treatment through food.

She also revealed that her husband posted a schedule list that he uses while buying food in the refrigerator, which included ingredients that coincide with the different phases of her menstrual cycle.

Tragedy is over waiting for their first child

After posting a video clip in October, the couple announced that they were now expecting a baby. Instead of hormonal balancing meals, Tom cooked meals compatible with the size of the fetus in her womb. When the baby was the size of a peach, the husband gave his wife a peach with ice cream.

Thus, the tragedy of the couple ends with the announcement of pregnancy and the expectation of their first child.

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