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Can America and Japan Protect Taiwan?

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen (March 12, 2022, Photo: Reuters / Afro) inspected training for reserve personnel to be mobilized in the event of an emergency

(Toshiharu Hirai: Associate Professor, Hanyang Women’s University, South Korea)

At that moment, it was as if I heard a roar mixed with cheers from Taiwan.

“Yes” to the reporter’s question “Are you willing to use military force to defend Taiwan?” At a press conference after the US-Japan summit meeting held by US President Joe Biden on May 23. I answered. “That’s the promise we’ve made,” he added.

A senior Taiwanese government official praised President Biden’s remarks, “I was surprised and very encouraging.” On the other hand, Deputy Press Director Wang Wenbin of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China strongly opposed, “The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affairs and does not allow the interference of any external forces.”

Some media inside and outside the country reported that this Taiwanese defense remark was a “abuse”, and it spread a considerable ripple in the world. However, over the threat of China to Taiwan, President Biden has often said, “We have pledged to defend Taiwan.”

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