Don’t get the iPhone 13 yet? Foreign media take stock of Apple’s 7 major products “buying now is a waste of money”


Buy 3C products to choose the right time!In case of spending tens of thousands of yuan, the next generation will come out not long after, which makes people feel very regretful, foreign media《ZDNET》According to Apple’s update cycle, the 8 major products are listed as “a waste of money to buy now”, and the next generation will come out soon or the price will be reduced.

The first to be named is the iPhone 13 series, because Apple will hold a fall conference in September in previous years. It is not cost-effective to buy a new phone at this time. You might as well wait for the iPhone 14 to be launched, and you can find a cheaper price if you want to buy an old phone, ” ZDNET believes that the only exception is the iPhone SE, which was only released in February this year and is not expected to be updated in the fall.

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The smartwatch Apple Watch Series 7, SE and Series 3 are similar to the iPhone, and Apple will update it at the fall conference. At that time, consumers at the same price can start with a newer generation, or take the opportunity to buy a reduced price model.

AirPods Pro is another product that is not recommended to buy now. It was released in October 2019, and it has been almost 3 years since then. Not only are there more choices for competing products at the same price, but there are also many rumors that Apple is about to launch the second generation. AirPods Pro.

With the advent of the M2 chip, Apple is also expected to update several Mac computers and iPads. Therefore, if performance is important, ZDNET recommends waiting a bit longer. The named products include 24-inch iMac, Mac mini, 11/12.9 inch iPad Pro. As for the Mac Pro, it is considered unnecessary to buy it. As one of Apple’s few computers that still use Intel processors, it has been confirmed in previous conferences and is expected to be transferred to Apple Silicon chips in the future.

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