Don’t miss the discounts on QR payments in Cuba: Step-by-step guide. 2024-04-13 16:18:34

QR payments in Cuba: How to identify those that have discounts? Attention Cubans! We explain step by step and with images which one you should request.

QR payments have become increasingly popular on the island, with some even offering discounts and bonuses of up to 6%. But how to identify the QRs that give you these benefits? This is what you have to demand from the seller.

The Banking process and online payment in stores has raised doubts in some users. Below, we clarify some important points. Obtaining the QR. It is obtained through a contracting process. For more information about the process, you can visit the Joven Computing Club.

Shops without QR and possible fines. Some businesses, faced with closure warnings for not having the QR payment option, are looking for temporary solutions. A common solution is to use the QR generated by Transfermóvil in the account information.

It is important to note that this temporary solution does not replace the formal contracting process to obtain a QR. Hence, businesses are recommended to regularize as soon as possible to avoid penalties and offer their customers a safer and more efficient payment experience.

Discounts on online payments by QR in Cuba

Be careful when paying with QR in Cuba! While some QRs offer discounts of up to 6%, not all do. How to know if a QR has a discount? Look for the logo that we will put below, which does have a 6% discount. Or ask the seller if QR payment has a discount.

Don’t be fooled! If a QR does not have the logo below with a 6% discount, it probably does not provide you with any benefits. Pay with QR smartly and save money on your purchases in Cuba. Pay attention to this image. Identify it like this, for discounts on QR payments in Cuba.

payments qr

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