Patras: Spiraki’s interest in the press – 2024-04-13 16:06:38

Old friendships are not hidden. Even more so when we are dealing with colleagues who have walked common paths.

Ours, Media Director of “Peloponnisos” Group – Editor-in-Chief of “P” Publication Dimitris Triantafyllopoulos he had a lot to say to her ND MEP Maria Spyrakis, after yesterday’s event at “Agora Argyri”, in Patras, when he gave her a tour of its premises Anniversary Exhibition of DEEP Achaia, with old covers and photographic material of the newspaper.

Mrs. Spyraki was asking to be informed about the progress and personalities of the local press, proving, once again, her interest in the profession of her heart, journalism.

In fact, once again she was approachable with all her colleagues and proved that she maintains intact the militancy and journalistic spirit that distinguished her when we watched her with the microphone in hand. What is certain is that, with her informed thinking and logical arguments, she proved that she deserves a new term in the European Parliament.

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