“Dr. Vandana’s Tragic Death Sparks Demand for Mandatory Mortality Audit in Hospitals”

2023-05-14 07:22:27

On May 9th at around 4:30 in the morning at Kottarakkara Taluk Hospital, Kollam, Dr. Dr. Vandana gets stabbed by the assailant. Dr. Sandeep, who was a school teacher and a native of Odanavattam Cherukarakonam, who was brought for treatment by the police, was treated with surgical scissors. Vandana was stabbed and injured. Dr. was stabbed about eleven times in the neck and back. Vandana was first taken to a private hospital in Kottarakkara and given primary treatment. About an hour from here, he was admitted to a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. But by 8.25 am Dr. Vandana died. The pain and shock of the incident in which a doctor was killed while on duty was attacked by a doctor who brought him for treatment, and the pain and shock of the incident is disturbing the sleep of the health workers and the general public. They registered a strong protest against this incident. Dr. Health experts are also of the opinion that if Vandana had received expert treatment sooner, her life could have been saved. Therefore Dr. In the wake of Vandana’s death, experts including doctors suggest that mortality audit should be made compulsory in government and private hospitals in the state. By accurately evaluating the treatment provided to the patient, it can help ensure better care in future similar incidents and save lives.

Dr. The allegation of failure on the part of the police in the attack on Vandana is already strong. The High Court criticized the police in harsh language. But with that Dr. There is a demand from the health workers that there should be an inquiry into whether there was any lapse in the treatment available to Vandana. Experts say that mortality audit or clinical audit should be made mandatory in all hospitals.

What is a mortality audit?

A mortality audit form is kept in hospitals and filled by the concerned doctors. Mortality audit is also known as death review. A mortality audit records the causes and factors that led to the death of a patient. A death review or mortality audit is a way to help identify and review actions that could prevent similar deaths in the future by clearly documenting the cause of a patient’s death. This will help to accurately assess the treatment given to the deceased patient and ensure better care in the future. But some doctors also express doubts about the effectiveness of mortality audit in government and private hospitals in the state. They also say that mortality audit is done properly in all the famous big hospitals of the country

Is the cause of death pneumothoracic?

Dr. The final post-mortem report is yet to reveal the cause of Vandana’s death. According to the preliminary postmortem report, eleven stab wounds to the neck, back and head led to death. It was also clear that the stab wound to the back had penetrated the lung. Doctors concluded that this was the cause of death. In this case Dr. Doctors also suspect that Vandana’s condition may have worsened due to pneumothoracic.

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A senior doctor, who did not want to be named, told News 18 that, ‘If the body is punctured with a sharp object, the air in it comes out and stays around the lungs. This is known as pneumothoracic. This can also be accompanied by internal bleeding from the puncture. But if an ICD tube is placed inside the body in the hospital and this trapped air can be passed out, the patient’s life can be saved. The release of such stagnant air will bring much relief to the patient. If this is done, the wound and injury to the lungs can be healed within a week or two using antibiotic drugs.

Expert doctors can easily insert the ICD tube like this. But often, it is doubtful whether the doctors in the emergency departments of our government and private hospitals are properly trained in this regard. Doctors say that if this is followed correctly, many lives can be saved.

A final post-mortem report is required to clarify what led to Dr Vandana’s death. But it is a sad fact that it takes at least an hour to reach Thiruvananthapuram for a patient from districts like Kollam where there are no major medical colleges or private hospitals with state-of-the-art facilities. In the parlance of doctors, the loss of the precious golden hour needed to save the patient’s life on this journey is also a villain in such incidents. Experts say that proper implementation of mortality audits will enable hospitals and emergency department medical officers to deal with similar situations more effectively.

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