Dramatic Accident: Young Woman Dies at Blois Funfair – Investigation Reveals Safety System Malfunction

2024-04-21 11:22:00

On Saturday April 20, 2024, a young woman died at the Blois funfair in Loir-et-Cher. She apparently fell from one of the park’s rides.

Saturday evening, a dramatic accident led to the death of a young woman at the Blois funfair in Loir-et-Cher, reports The New Republic.

She falls from an attraction in the evening

Around 11 p.m., the victim fell from an attraction. In a message published this morning on X (Twitter), our colleagues indicate that the young woman was “thrown from a ride”.

The Blois funfair will not open for its last day, this Sunday. The fairgrounds took this decision out of “respect” after the accident which occurred on Saturday around 11 p.m. A young woman was thrown from a ride. She died during the night. pic.twitter.com/tJrFDGRegk

— NR41 (@NRBlois) April 21, 2024

Significant rescue resources were deployed immediately after the incident and the young woman was taken care of by firefighters, soon joined by a Smur team. She was taken to the emergency room in serious condition before die in the night.

Amusement park closed out of “respect”

The police went to the site immediately after the accident to make initial findings. An investigation was opened by the Blois public prosecutor’s office to clarify the circumstances of this fall and the causes of the accident. According to France blue, “The ride’s safety system malfunctioned”.

The attraction where the tragedy occurred has been placed under seal. In order to be installed on the funfair, it had to, like all the other rides, have an operating certificate. Its owner was taken into custody for “manslaughter”.

The Blois funfair will not open its doors this Sunday. The showmen declared that by “respect” for the young victim, welcoming visitors was inappropriate.

New ride accident

The tragedy is reminiscent of the terrible accident that occurred at Luna Park in Agde this summer. On August 5, a young man aged 17 had lost his life after being thrown from an attraction.

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