Driving with a Giant Giraffe: Spreading Joy in Colorado Neighborhoods for 15 Years

2023-09-03 02:48:44

A Colorado couple have been driving their convertible for 15 years with a giant giraffe in the back seat.

The two Americans had bought this huge stuffed animal for their daughter, but seeing the animal next to their car, they had the idea to install it inside, reports CNN.

After a walk in the neighborhood, they were overwhelmed by seeing the smiles of their young neighbors.

“I tried once and I was won over,” says Larry McNabb. I told my wife I wouldn’t drive again without a giraffe in the car.”

According to Sally McNabb, this practice ensures that they must drive in a safe manner, since they are easily spotted.

“You know if you cut someone they’ll remember it was someone with a giraffe in a red car,” she said.

Fifteen years later, their goal is to continue making their neighborhood a better place, one car ride at a time.

“Some people have a gift for singing, some have a gift for the arts and for others it’s a gift for making people happy with a giant giraffe in the back of a convertible,” says Ms McNabb .

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