Drug Bust in Jeddah: Pakistani Nationals Caught with 4.4 Kilograms of Shabu

2023-06-02 19:30:32

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip published by the Public Security account documented the moment masked security men carrying automatic weapons raided an apartment in Jeddah, which residents took as a den for drug trafficking.

The clip showed that members of the anti-narcotics department were rushing towards the suspects, seizing them, and upon searching them, they found in their possession a quantity of shabu.

According to a security statement, the Jeddah police arrested (4) residents of Pakistani nationality; For promoting (4.4) kilograms of the narcotic methamphetamine (Shabu).

They were also seized with a sum of money, and they were arrested, and legal measures were taken against them, and they were referred to the competent authority.

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