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Original title: Du Feng: The team has slowly entered the playoffs and Er Feishan cannot participate in confrontation training

Beijing time on April 1st news, today, the CBA playoffs officially began. The Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team defeated the Tianjin Men’s Basketball Team 124-101 to get a good start to the series. After the game, Guangdong men’s basketball coach Du Feng said when talking about the victory of the game that the team has slowly entered the playoffs. When asked about Ren Junfei’s injury, Du Feng said that Ren Junfei could not participate in the confrontation training.

“First of all, I would like to thank the Nanchang Division for hosting the CBA playoffs. Everyone knows that the epidemic situation in various parts of the country is relatively severe. However, the Nanchang Municipal Government has given great support and arranged very good hotels and stadiums. Thanks to the Nanchang Division for its contribution to CBA and Support.” First of all, Du Fengxian thanked the Nanchang Division.

Afterwards, Du Feng said that the closed game is a test for the team, “Today is the first game of the CBA playoffs, and our team has not played for 10 days. It is actually very difficult for players to train in a closed environment. Players You can’t go out either. Every day is in the hotel and training. You can only train once a day for only 2 hours. It is a test for every player, coach and every team. Everyone is very uncomfortable during the long-term closure. It’s easy, thanks to all the players and staff for their hard work.” Du Feng said.

Regarding the opponents in the series, Du Feng said that the Tianjin Men’s Basketball Team has played very well this season, “Under the guidance of Zhang Degui this season, the Tianjin Men’s Basketball Team has had a very good performance, especially in the third stage, the average score once reached 120 points. The average score of the whole season has also reached 115-116 points, and it is also the team with the strongest three-point shots and hits in the season. It also entered the playoffs with this performance.” Du Feng said.

When it comes to the performance of the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team today, Du Feng said: “We did a good job on the defensive end today, especially in the first half of each quarter. In the second half of the fourth quarter, young players played more time and lacked in experience. I still hope that every player will stay focused in the playoffs and play every game well.”

In today’s game, Ren Junfei did not appear due to injury. Regarding Ren Junfei’s injury, Du Feng said that Erfei could not participate in the confrontation training, “Ren Junfei still needs some time and depends on the doctor’s evaluation. He is actively recovering, but Not being able to participate in confrontation training is also a great loss for the team.” Du Feng said.

When asked how he thought about the team’s concentration today, Du Feng praised the team’s performance, “Everyone was very focused during the game. After arriving in Nanchang, everyone slowly entered the playoffs. State, whether it is life or training. So everyone played pretty well in the first game, but this is only the beginning of the playoffs, and we still need to continue to work hard.” Du Feng said.

In the game, Zhao Rui scored 12 points and 7 assists. Regarding the victory of the game, Zhao Rui said: “The playoffs are the real games, and the confrontation is more intense than the regular season. There are no teams that can enter the playoffs. One is a weak team, but if one part fails, it can lose and lead to the loss of the entire series. We need to give our best and stay focused from the moment we step on the court.” (Editor: rajon)Return to Sohu, see more


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