Duc Phuc caused a surprise when he released “wedding photos” taken at Ha Pagoda

Last night (February 1), Duc Phuc had an answer when he suddenly released a poster revealing the 2024 Valentine’s Day music product titled Go to the temple to pray for love. So, until the next appointment, Duc Phuc continues to release the MV for the Valentine’s Day season as his own brand.

In the MV poster Go to the temple to pray for love Just announced at 8:00 p.m. on February 1, 2024, Duc Phuc caused excitement when showing off the “wedding of the century” at the Ha Pagoda scene in the 1990s. From the suit, loose pants, shirt, roses attached to a bag, to Duc Phuc’s “notebook” hair, to a vintage lace wedding dress with long gloves, classic jewelry, curly hair and a chiffon headpiece but still retains sophistication and elegance. for the bride. All of them open up the space of a wedding in “our grandparents’ time”. In particular, the details of the gladiolus bouquet, coconut leaves and nostalgic colors of the poster also authentically recreate an ancient wedding.

Duc Phuc’s image in the MV “Going to the temple to pray for love”. (Photo: NVCC)

Go to the temple to pray for love continues to be a musical product marking the reunion between Duc Phuc and musician Khac Hung after many famous “hits” in the Vietnamese music industry. This is also the “opening bowl” project in 2024 with many things to look forward to from Duc Phuc. The product is dedicated to giving a spiritual gift to the audience at the beginning of the year.

The MV is also the 4th music product released by Duc Phuc on Valentine’s Day. The male singer has made many impressions with three music products including More Than Love”(2020), First Date (2022) and I Do – I Do (2023).

In which MV More than love has more than 116 million views on YouTube, The first day won more than 60 million views. Especially the song I agree (I Do) – Duc Phuc’s product combined with legendary boyband 911 also became the V-pop MV with the highest views in 2023 with more than 60 million views.

Duc Phuc’s full name is Nguyen Duc Phuc, born in 1996 in Hanoi. In 2015, he became known to the public when he became the Champion of the Vietnamese Voice Contest. After the show, Duc Phuc owned a series of “hits” such as: Your sunshine; We still love each other; As long as there is love, no one will leave; More than love; Oh, people do about…

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