Dynamo Head Coach Alexey Kudashov on Winning Strategies and Key Players: Exclusive Insights

2024-02-24 17:40:55

Dynamo head coach Alexey Kudashov:

— First of all, I want to congratulate Nikita Gusev. Such events are not anniversaries or intermediate indicators, but truly serious results. It’s good that we get such nervous games at the end of the regular season. Every match we go out to win, this only makes the pressure even greater. It turns out that it is quite difficult for us to play under this same pressure. It’s good that we are finding ways to achieve these victories – we will improve some more points.

— How many times have you warned the team that a rival like the Admiral is the most dangerous?
“I never warned you about this.” I only said that Admiral is a very difficult team. It’s no wonder we haven’t been able to win them at home since 2019. It doesn’t matter if they have an incentive. It is always there – to spoil the mood of others and play for yourself. There are mistakes and pressure prevents us from playing well, but the playoffs will be like this.

— Did you suspect that the guests might remove the goalkeeper in overtime? The result was a situation where Gusev and Co. found themselves in the minority on the ice.
— Gusev would probably have played anyway. I have already said more than once that against an opponent with an empty goal, you need not only people who are good at acting in the minority. We need players who will play unconventionally and not according to the situation – they will go active or, on the contrary, they will play a little deeper. It is important to put your opponent in an uncomfortable position.

— This season Dynamo has already won the tenth match in overtime and many of the goals were scored by Gusev, Wil, Pylenkov and Menell. Can we say that the named players are X-factors?
— Individual skill decides a lot. If you take the majority of teams, many of them will have similar coaching practices – defensive actions, game patterns, physical training. There are always people who make a difference. Those who have higher overall skill usually win. There are several indicators when building a team. One of them is individual mastery. It so happens that this year we have enough strong players for overtime.

— Today’s victory guaranteed you a place in the TOP 2 of the Western Conference and gave you an extra day off. There is talk about moving the start of the series a day earlier due to the football match on March 3rd. Is this important for you?
— We cannot postpone football because of FAN ID. It’s a very complicated story. This issue has been addressed, but it has already been resolved. As soon as we have information, we will let you know. I think that at this stage hockey is more important, but I cannot influence the management’s decision.

— If you win the match with CSKA, you guarantee yourself victory in the regular season. Is it more important for you to win the Continental Cup or to ride the winning wave into the playoffs?
— In this case it’s the same thing (smiles). We thought and discussed this a lot. When you think about how to save energy and give the guys an extra day off, you immediately get something in return from fate. She never gives any concessions. That’s why we go from game to game. We have certain strategic plans – training and game schedules. As it will be, so it will be.

— Why did they move away from the practice of having an additional forward in the lineup in recent matches?
“The youth team played today, so they were all needed there. There were enough defenders there, so we decided to raise Kudashov today. Chernyshov played in the MHL today – it was better for him to play his first full game in the MHL than to play several shifts here after an injury. All our young players are healthy and ready to play. We look at those who are available to us and build on that. Roster and team information will decrease before the playoffs. We’ll try to close in a little and hide some details.

Admiral head coach Leonid Tambiev:

— I liked the content of the game and how the team fought. We fought with dignity against a skilled opponent who was highly motivated. Well done guys, they managed to equalize in the last seconds of regular time. This match had it all. The only thing is that the throw-ins let us down a little – because of this we conceded two goals, we didn’t figure out those moments. Overall, I’m happy with the team.

Video from the press conference

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