E.Leclerc: on the occasion of Mother’s Day, very good plan on the Vivlio e-reader

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 29, and if you are still hesitating about the gift, you can take advantage of the E.Leclerc offers. So, if you want to please a reading enthusiast, E.Leclerc offers you a promotion on the Vivlio Touch Lux 5 electronic reader and its intelligent protective cover. The reading light, red, offers you up to a month of autonomy, depending on your use. Thanks to its improved processor, it loads the pages of your books even faster, for a much better reading experience than the Vivlio Touch Lux 4. And if you buy a Vivlio Touch Lux 5 at E.Leclerc until May 29, its smart protective cover, worth 14.90 euros, is free : just add both items at the same time to your basket. The Vivlio Touch Lux 5 reader, for its part, is priced at 109 euros.

Good deal to grab at E.Leclerc on the Vivlio e-reader

The Vivlio Touch Lux 5 weighs only 155g, so it’s very comfortable to use, even when reading for long hours. Its library allows you to take thousands of ebooks everywhere with you, and the adjustable intensity of the lighting allows you to read in all light conditions, without reflections. The protective cover offered is a black Vivlio smart cover, with an invisible magnet closure system. Shock resistant, it keeps your eReader safe, and has an automatic on/standby system.

Click here to take advantage of the E.Leclerc offer on the Vivlio Touch Lux 5 reading light and its cover

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