Eason Chan’s concert in Macau begins with nine performances in a row. After five years, a new album will be released_Eason_Music Fans_Design

2023-10-15 07:15:00

Original title: Eason Chan’s concert in Macau begins with nine consecutive performances. After five years, a new album will be released online

On October 13th, Eason Chan’s “FEAR and DREAMS World Tour Concert” kicked off in Macau, including “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Wheel of Happiness”, “Red Rose”, “Long Time No See”, and “The Lonely Warrior”. More than ten classic songs are presented one by one. For two consecutive days, the audience responded enthusiastically. Eason praised the enthusiasm of the audience and happily thanked the audience for their input and appreciation.

Regarding the singing design of the “FEAR and DREAMS World Tour”, Eason Chan said that each song of his entire concert is like a coherent stage play, which requires concentration, using songs to interpret the story, and not being affected by external sounds. In the following concerts, the fans were very cooperative with Eason’s singing design. In the first half of the concert, when Eason was immersed in telling stories with songs, the fans restrained their emotions and calmly felt the story he wanted to tell; in the second half of the concert, when Eason showed his true qualities as a “playing god”, the music fans The fans just started to unleash their enthusiasm and scream like crazy. Eason was very moved by the fans’ considerate cooperation. He praised the fans at the scene for knowing how to appreciate “FEAR and DREAMS”, and specially chose to sing the hit singles “Bicycle” and “Lonely Warrior” during the encore. “To repay this enthusiasm and dedication, the music fans in the audience went crazy. Thousands of people stood up to sing the chorus, and the atmosphere was electrifying at the Cotai Arena in Macau.

Concerts are physically demanding work, especially for Eason Chan who has to sing for many shows in a row. A comfortable bed is very important to replenish energy. When the hotel asked Eason if he had any special requirements, Eason said he needed a bed with “a mattress that is not too soft.” Unexpectedly, on the first night, he felt that the bed was as hard as a big wooden board. Since he stayed in a suite designed by Beckham, he tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep, thinking: “Why did Beckham design the bed to be so hard? Is it because most athletes Sleeping on a hard bed? This will be better for their waists and their bodies will be better when they compete.” When he asked his assistant to call the hotel the next morning, he discovered that it was not Beckham who had deliberately designed the bed to be hard, but Hacken Li, who had earlier checked in with a back injury, and asked the hotel to provide a very hard bed to prevent the recurrence of the back injury from affecting the performance. , the hotel heard Eason’s request that it not be too soft, and thought he wanted a very hard bed like Hacken Li, so it gave him the same wooden board. After learning the answer, Eason didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Afterwards, the hotel changed him back to a normal mattress, and he finally got a good night’s sleep.

This time Eason Chan held a concert in Macau and also brought the[Chen Pavilion]exhibition to Macau. The exhibition is also crowded with people queuing up to enter the exhibition every day. Eason Chan is about to release a new album “CHIN UP!” Lin Jiaqian, the music partner in “Chen Master”, is the composer of “Master Chen”. When he went to Macau to enjoy the concert, he specially chose one day to secretly go to the “Chen Grand Hall” before closing to sign in and draw lucky commemorative fortune cards. At that time, he was very happy when he got a lucky draw.

Eason Chan’s “FEAR and DREAMS World Tour” will be performed in Macau for 9 consecutive shows, creating a wonderful audio-visual feast for Macau fans who have been absent for a long time. It will then move to more cities in the mainland. Please pay more attention to it. The new album “CHIN UP!” released after 5 years! “Pre-sales have also started on major platforms, so please look forward to it!Return to Sohu to see more

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