Eden Hazard’s Phone Call with Emmanuel Macron: A Hilarious Exchange on the Football Field

2023-10-21 08:07:00

This Wednesday was the opportunity for the many nostalgic for Eden Hazard to see the Belgian once again set foot on a football field. Present in the Variétés Club de France team for a charity match for the benefit of the Yellow Pieces, Eden had fun on the pitch again after years of struggle at Real Madrid. The Brainois even improved his statistics as a young retiree with 1 goal and 6 assists.

But it is another part of this meeting that interests us today. Indeed, Eden Hazard had the opportunity to speak by telephone with Emmanuel Macron and the latter was teasing towards the former Red Devil. “Well Eden, I’m not going to lie, the last time I saw him on a pitch, I really wished he played badly, because it was against France in 2018“. A bad memory for our national team and our captain at the time, who has not lost his wit. “I still played well, we lost, but I still played well“.

A video that exudes good humor.

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