Educational vouchers for the middle class

The Ministry of Human Capital, through the Ministry of Education, launches the “Educational Vouchers” Assistance Program to help families who send their children to establishments at the initial, primary and secondary levels with a subsidy of 75% or more and a fee that does not exceed $54,396.

They will receive 50% of the value of the single-day rate, not including extra-programmatic activities, based on the base fee (March 2024) for May, June and July. The voucher will have a limit of $27,198 per child.

According to provisional data from the Ministry of Education, the universe could reach almost 2 million children who attend more than 6 thousand schools throughout the country and whose parents have a family income of less than 7 times the Minimum Living and Mobile Wage.

Families who want to access the benefit must complete a form available at, from April 3 to 30, where they must include the CBU where the money will be credited and inform the educational establishment.

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