“Effective and Sustainable Weight Loss Methods to Avoid Regaining Weight”

2023-04-22 21:30:00

▲ 3 coups to crack the weight loss becomes more and more difficult. (Photo courtesy/Yu Yirui)

Text/Yu Yirui

Ms. Chen, in her 30s, went to the outpatient clinic for help with weight management. She shared that she went to the gym before, paid almost 200,000 yuan in tuition fees, and lost almost 16 kilograms, but after regaining weight by 8 kilograms, she tried to lose another 8 kilograms according to the original method, but the effect was not good, and she only lost 2 kilograms , she was worried about regaining her original weight.

A similar situation also happened to Mr. Zhang, who is in his 30s. He tried the apple weight loss method of eating only apples, and lost almost 30 kg, but then he was afraid of eating apples, so he returned to his original diet, and his weight increased by 20 kg, but when he used the apple weight loss method again, he lost less than 30 kg 5 kg… In the end, he gave up the painful apple weight loss method, and when he went to the weight loss clinic for help, his weight was 20 kg more than the 120 kg before weight loss.

Maintain the body’s basic metabolic rate and reduce weight gain

Weight loss is most afraid of repeated weight loss and gaining weight again, because the weight gained after gaining weight is often not muscle, but fat; using drastic weight loss methods, the weight loss rate exceeds 0.5-1 kg per week, which will increase the weight loss to The probability of gaining muscle, whether it is gaining fat or losing muscle, will reduce the body’s basic metabolic rate and increase the difficulty of weight loss.

Appropriate diet, steady diet, not seeking fast and diverse weight loss

◎Three coups for losing weight and not getting fat again, to maintain the basic metabolic rate of the body, and reduce the occurrence of repeated weight loss and weight gain:

●Appropriate diet for weight loss: Any diet that conforms to a calorie deficit (calorie intake is less than body consumption) can effectively lose weight, but only a diet that is nutritionally balanced and maintains the quality of life can be implemented continuously and painlessly. It is recommended to seek professional assistance from a nutritionist to find the most suitable and nutritious weight loss diet together.

▲Find a diet that is calorie deficit, nutritious and takes life into account. (Photo courtesy/Yu Yirui)

●Losing weight steadily and quickly: The faster you lose weight, the easier it is to lose muscle, and the faster you will regain weight afterwards. It is recommended to adopt healthy methods such as gradually reducing food intake, choosing original foods, and increasing exercise to manage weight. It is not recommended to use extreme diets or weight-loss drugs to lose weight quickly.

▲The faster you lose weight, the easier it is to lose muscle. (Photo courtesy/Yu Yirui)

●Seeking multiple weight loss: In addition to the most important diet (caloric deficit) in weight loss, it is recommended to match moderate exercise (more than 3 times a week, more than 150 minutes of exercise a week), weight loss indication drugs, or stress management coping And other multiple methods can also effectively maintain the results of weight loss and not lose weight.

▲Multiple methods of intervention, such as: exercise, stress relief, etc., to maintain weight loss results. (Photo courtesy/Yu Yirui)

(The author is the director of the Community Medicine Department of Yuanrong Hospital and an outpatient physician for weight loss)

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