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2023-04-22 22:00:00

Zhao Yonghua, who has a baby face, said with a smile that he would sing until he was 85 years old. (Photo/Photo by Hou Shijun)

Zhao Yonghua will hold the “I’m Still Singing, You’re Still Listening” birthday concert again in May. In an exclusive interview with Times Weekly CTWANT, she mentioned that this solo concert, which has not been held for 8 years, will be specially chosen on the eve of her 56th birthday Singing, except for “Class Reunion!” “Same Shoes ~” musical show has a gap, and it is to give back to the fans who have supported it for many years. “In addition to the must-sing title song, there are many songs on the list of regrets and fan pocket lists.” She revealed that she and her fans are already like friends, they usually keep in touch with each other in private, and also have small chat groups, and they usually care about each other.

Zhao Yonghua began to sing in the folk song western restaurant at the age of 16. Since her debut 35 years ago, she has sung countless good songs including “As long as you treat me better”, “Marriage Proposal” and “The Most Romantic Thing”. She said with a smile: ” I like to sing very much, and now I still grab the microphone to sing when I go to KTV.” For many senior singers, such as Chen Shuhua, the senior sister of Rolling Stone Records, who chose to retire and close the microphone, Zhao Yonghua gave a different answer: “I am not an idol superstar, I am I want to sing until I am 85 years old, and I will show it to everyone slowly, I hope to accompany everyone to grow up with singing.”

Although he has to sing a lot of songs at work, Zhao Yonghua still likes to go to KTV to grab the microphone in private. (Photo/Photo by Hou Shijun)

Having been married for a while, she revealed that she has been single since 2009, but said helplessly that she could only fall in love with herself for 14 years. Referring to the oolong scandals with her good friend and co-partner Lin Junyi many times, she said with a smile: “During the Lunar New Year, there are still people who come to congratulate me. My brother in the United States even asked why I didn’t tell them about the marriage. The peach blossoms were all blocked by Lin Junyi. It’s a big misunderstanding.” Zhao Yonghua said frankly that she still hopes for love: “I have longed for love since I was a child, and I have never refused to talk about love, but because I have a busy life and have had unpleasant experiences before, now If you want to change your magnetic field, you still hope to have a partner, and you still believe that when two people are together, one plus one is greater than two.”

She generously set out the conditions for her partner, saying: “You must be 178 cm tall and not too short, and you must have good financial ability. I can’t support others at my age, and I must be able to be responsible for myself. I don’t mind if the other party is younger than me.” When asked if she would consider it Rely on technology and use dating software to meet people? Zhao Yonghua laughed and said: “I dare not, I will be deceived by men!” She emphasized that in the future, she will only talk about feelings and never marry again. Skip it for now, just live comfortably with elegance.”

Zhao Yonghua is still looking forward to love, but the matter of remarriage can be skipped first. (Photo/Photo by Hou Shijun)

After Lin Junyi was officially separated from the relationship and the concert, Zhao Yonghua, who loves fans, said that he would sing the main song well this time to satisfy the fans. I ordered songs on the fan page, because there were too many comments, I especially told them that I had to take a photo with the ticket stubs to order songs.” Zhao Yonghua will hold the birthday concert “I’m Still Singing and You’re Still Listening” at Taipei Huashan Legacy on May 13th, please contact Kuanhong Ticket Sales for tickets.

Zhao Yonghua, who has been single for 14 years, was rumored to have an oolong scandal because of her cooperation with Lin Junyi, which made her laugh and cry. (Photo/Photo by Hou Shijun)

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