Effective Strategies for Caring for the Elderly: Maintaining Mental Health and Avoiding Mistakes

2023-09-13 08:09:47

Ways to deal with the elderly

Ajyad Emergency Hospital clarified the correct ways to deal with the elderly to maintain their mental health, stressing that they should deal with them patiently and speak in a clear voice.

Ways to deal with the elderly

Ajyad Emergency Hospital said in an explanatory infographic published on its official Twitter account that the ways to deal with the elderly are as follows:

– Respect them.

– Help them.

– Deal with them patiently.

– Speak to them in a clear voice.

– Take care of them.

Things to avoid with elderly people

The Gulf Health Council had previously identified some actions that should be avoided with the elderly, including:

– Making them feel that they are from a different generation: This makes the elderly person feel inferior when talking to him about things he does not know without explaining them.

– Interrupting them while they are speaking: An elderly person may lose his ability to complete a sentence when you interrupt him while he is speaking.

– Using the phone when babysitting: The elderly person feels that he does not care or listen when you are busy with your phone while you are sitting with him.

– Issuing judgments on their conversations: This prevents the elderly person from starting to talk. Respect his suggestions and opinions and take them with open arms.

– Not paying attention to what they say: Not interacting with the elderly person makes him feel that you do not enjoy talking to him, and do not care about his conversation.

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Avoid psychological problems for the elderly

– It is important to visit a doctor periodically.

– The elderly avoid exposure to life pressures.

– Make sure to eat healthy food.

– Encouraging the elderly for family and community participation.

Common mistakes when dealing with the elderly

– Limiting their abilities, by preventing them from practicing some daily things and habits.

– Exaggerating their service to the point of transferring them to the category of people with special needs.

– Prevent them from moving completely.

– Feelings fluctuate towards them.

-Disgust with their service and constant complaining.

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