Nightmare Honeymoon Trip: A Mother-in-Law’s Intrusion Shatters Dreams

2023-09-13 10:10:21

A female netizen said that the honeymoon trip with her husband 10 years ago was interrupted by her mother-in-law and that it was her father-in-law’s bad idea. (Image/Pexels)

The honeymoon trip that many newlyweds look forward to most after marriage is not a good memory for one female netizen. She recalled her honeymoon trip about 10 years ago. Her father-in-law actually paid for her mother-in-law to go with her. In addition to being disturbed, she was also forced to sleep on a camp bed. As she and her husband had already agreed to divorce, she couldn’t help but sigh that she had endured this for 10 years. Marriage actually made her life blank.

The female netizen posted on the Facebook group “Poisonous Aunt Nine Bitch Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Discussion Forum” that her husband was her first love and a mama’s boy. She recalled her honeymoon trip to Thailand 10 years ago, and her mother-in-law also went with her. Yes, because the room has a double bed plus a camp bed. “On the first day, my husband and I slept on the queen bed. From the second day on, I slept on the camp bed, and my husband slept with my mother-in-law.”

She said helplessly, “It was my father-in-law who paid for my mother-in-law to go honeymoon with us. My father-in-law was happy to stay in Taiwan. Because my mother-in-law is like that. If you don’t answer the phone, I will send you more than 100 missed calls + bombard you.” Friends around her, plus she was jealous of her son marrying a wife, so my father-in-law came up with such a bad idea to save trouble.”

The honeymoon trip to Thailand happened 10 years ago. Now the original PO laments that there have been many mommy-baby stories over the years. He said that he has two children and is currently separated from Mr. mommy and the divorce agreement is in progress. “Because I refused to give up custody of the child. I thought it would be fine as long as I was tolerant, but I didn’t expect that this marriage would make my life completely blank.”

After seeing the article, netizens wondered why the female netizen could tolerate it until now, saying, “The most powerful light bulb, how can this be a honeymoon”, “The woman should sleep on the big bed and the husband sleeps on the camp bed”, “Marry his mother and have children. Okay, hahahaha, that’s weird.” “I bought the air tickets and came back directly, and let them spend their honeymoon with their mother and son.”

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