Electric Car Leasing by Macron: Eligibility, Car Models, and Pricing

2023-12-16 08:05:00
mon-leasing-electrique.gouv.fr For whom, which cars, at what price… What we know about the leasing announced by Macron


For whom, what cars, at what price… What we know about the leasing announced by Macron

TRANSPORT – If Emmanuel Macron likes ” the car “, as he said in an interview in September, he prefers it electric. The President of the Republic announced Thursday, December 14, the launch of electric car leasing for the most modest, with the aim of fighting global warming while promoting French or European production.

It’s necessary “replace our so-called thermal vehicles with electric vehicles”pleaded the head of state, who is fulfilling a campaign promise, in a video published on social networks.

Le HuffPost takes stock of how this leasing works.

• Who is concerned ?

The system is reserved for households whose reference tax income per share is less than 15,400 euros. For now, you must also prove that you live more than 15 kilometers from your place of work, that you use your personal car to get there, and that you travel more than 8,000 kilometers per year for your professional activity.

But these conditions should be relaxed « courant 2024 » : only the income criterion should then be taken into account, ” in the limit of the available stock “, indicates the official website. In fact, the government expects, for next year, the delivery of only 20,000 to 25,000 electric vehicles to customers of this leasing. This number should increase with French production, to be doubled by 2025, it is hoped in the entourage of the Head of State.

To check if you are eligible for leasing, a simulator is available on the government website, at this address: mon-leasing-electrique.gouv.fr.

• For which cars?

On its site, the government gives some examples of models available for leasing, such as the Peugeot e-208, the Renault Twingo e-Tech, the Citroën ë-C4, the Opel Mokka Electric or the Fiat 500e.

ecologie.gouv.fr The government has given some examples of electric car models available for leasing.


The government has given some examples of electric car models available for leasing.

Cars must meet certain criteria. New models must therefore achieve a “minimum environmental score” (the calculation of which was specified in a stop), must not cost more than 47,000 euros to purchase, and must weigh less than 2,400 kg. For used models, the first registration (or its transformation into an electric vehicle) must be less than three and a half years old.

• At what price ?

“Rents are generally 100 euros or less, but can go up to 150 euros for family models”, excluding optional services (maintenance, car insurance, etc.), it is specified on the government website. For each vehicle, the State will subsidize this leasing to the tune of 13,000 euros.

The duration of the rental contract, renewable, must be at least 3 years. “At the end of the contract, you must return the vehicle or decide to buy it at its residual value”explains the government.

• When will the device be opened?

Cars can be reserved from January 1 directly with approved rental companies. The government website offers a form to be informed of the opening of the pre-registration platform (see the link above).

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