Electric cars are popular in Souq Al Haraj Electric cars are popular at Souq Al Haraj

One of the largest markets in the used car sector, Souq Al Haraj has seen a huge increase in the number of people looking for hybrid and electric cars. Fluctuating fuel prices are driving consumers to buy such small cars. There was a huge price hike for small cars when petrol crossed four dirhams per litre. As hybrid and electric cars are relatively few in number, their availability in the used market is also very low. New cars have to be booked in advance and have to wait.

The Senior Manager of Souq Al Haraj, Engineer Saeed Matar Al Suwaidi, stated this. Being both pocket and environment friendly, hybrid cars are in high demand even outside the country. Electric cars have also become popular recently. Opened in 2016, Souq Al Haraj is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, near the Sharjah Airport Free Zone. It houses showrooms of all top companies for new cars and around 415 other showrooms for pre-owned cars and luxury cars.

It also has facilities for procurement of materials, vehicle registration and quality inspection. Souq Al Haraj is the Middle East’s largest automotive marketplace. People from different countries came in demand at the used car market that used to operate in Abushagara in the center of the city. With cars for sale taking over entire parking lots in the area, residents had to wander around for hours to park their cars. Due to the constant traffic jams, the municipal authorities moved this market to the more convenient Souq Al Harj.

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