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2024-02-24 04:50:05

The shady story of the stock market is about poisoned food, female stars are offered to you, and the deputy state level lets you go public; decoupling between the United States and China is inevitable, Angie Zhao died strangely, and the honeymoon period between Wall Street and the CCP is over. (Provided by “Elite Forum”)

[The Epoch Times, February 24, 2024]After the New Year holiday, China’s stock market reopened and has been rising for several consecutive days. Does the new China Securities Regulatory Commission chairman Wu Qing really have any magic tricks for rejuvenation? On the other hand, news of the accidental death of Ms. Zhao Anji in the United States, who has extremely close ties with China and Wall Street, has been reported. There are many doubts about this case, which is puzzling. Today we will talk about the Chinese stock market and the decoupling of financial capital between China and the United States.

Administrative manipulation of stock prices, government and big bankers kill private capital

Guo Jun, editor-in-chief of The Epoch Times, said in the “Elite Forum” program that the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets in mainland China reopened on February 19 (Monday) after the New Year’s holiday. Both were unilaterally rising prices. Before the New Year’s holiday, the Shanghai Stock Exchange The index closed at 2866 points. It continued to rise after the New Year holiday, but not by much. On Thursday it rose to 2988 points, which is close to the so-called 3000 point mark. In the past, we have been talking about the defense of 3,000 points. We defended it for a long time, but it finally fell below. The market mentality was seriously affected, so the Chinese Communist Party officials took many measures, including fiscal measures, monetary measures, and even administrative measures.

Administrative measures directly use power to control the stock market, which is very outrageous. This can be regarded as manipulating stock prices, which will have a long-term adverse impact on the stock market. For example, investment institutions are not allowed to sell stocks or limit the number of stocks they can sell every day, or they stipulate that net sales are not allowed, which means that you cannot sell fewer stocks than you buy. This is a complete administrative measure. This is an act by the big bankers to absolutely monopolize and control the market. As the government is the big banker, others have no chance at all. If it is a state-owned investment institution that participates in stock trading, it will be easier to say, because it is capital controlled by the government, but it will still have a very bad impact. If it is a private investor institution, it will be even worse, because the characteristic of private capital is to pursue profits. Now being forced to buy and sell is equivalent to completely losing the equal trading qualifications of a market subject. This will have a negative impact on future market expectations and market mentality. Creates huge shadows.

Hu Liren, a former Shanghai entrepreneur, said in the “Elite Forum” that the rise in the Chinese stock market in the past two days is the three things that make new officials take office. This has always been the case in China. Wu Qing, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, will definitely perform well after taking office. However, judging from the current situation, I found a strange phenomenon, that is, the daily transaction volume is around 400 billion, and there are very few incremental funds. But not much. On the contrary, there is still a lot of money to escape. The reason is that everyone is not optimistic about China’s economy and China’s politics, because the stock market has very high requirements for politics and economy.

Now many big industries have collapsed. China’s stock market used to rely mostly on real estate. When real estate first started to rise about a dozen years ago, there were many real estate companies going public through backdoor listings. Some companies may seem like traditional industries, such as knitting or clothing, but their annual profits came from real estate. generated by the edge. Its traditional industry is already very good, but its profits are very low, because the net profit of China’s manufacturing industry is about 5% to 10%, and some are even less than 5%. I have researched nearly 5,000 Chinese companies, and the annual profit growth of these companies is related to real estate. Nowadays, real estate is not in good condition. Let me tell you that a large number of the more than 7,000 listed companies currently listed have actually gone bankrupt because their assets (related to real estate) have depreciated, and this depreciation cannot be rebounded. Because no one now believes that China’s real estate will get better in the past ten or twenty years, because it has been overdrawn too much, so these companies are now in dire straits.

The secret method of company listing: the adopted daughter star catches the deputy national level

Hu Liren said in the “Elite Forum” that I am considered a person who has been in the industry. I have many social connections in this industry. It can be said that no one in this industry is optimistic about the stock market anymore. Everyone thinks that the stock market is going to close. Yes, this is very scary. Why do you think so? The main reason is that the current Chinese stock market has lost the main functions of the capital market, such as corporate financing. Now companies don’t even have much business financing, so what do you need money for? Need money to pay off debt? In addition, for a stock market to develop healthily, it also requires several necessary elements.

The first is privatization, which is a political factor. Is this stock market public or private? Now that the entire country is returning to public ownership, the private economy may gradually disappear. The second is economic factors. A country’s virtuous economic cycle will lead to the healthy development of the stock market. If the country’s economy is collapsing, then the capital market has lost its function. The third is the wealth of the people, because the stock market mainly relies on private assets. If you look at many fund companies, trust companies, and some financial companies, almost all their money comes from private capital. At present, these private capitals have been exhausted. There was a cry. The richest people like Wenzhou real estate speculators who used to invest in real estate, as well as these so-called large institutional investors, have all been harvested. Let me tell you, now there are no private loans or large private loans in Wenzhou. And there used to be a lot of them. Now you say that I have a business and find a private lending company. No matter how high the interest rate is, people will not dare to lend it to you because they know they will not be able to get it back. These private lending companies themselves also raise capital from the private sector. This private capital is no longer there, it is empty, and their pockets are empty. Who has the money to give it to them, so this is a very scary thing.

Hu Liren said that for all listed companies in China, their listing process is all administrative, which is not a healthy and benign market behavior. Let me give you an example. I have a friend who is the boss of a listed company in Jiangsu. At that time, he wanted to queue up to go public. In fact, his company was very good, but there was no way to get in line. Many companies that were worse than him were already listed. He had been waiting for two or three years and was still unable to go public. The entire listing The process cost about 20 million. The money has been spent, but it cannot be put on the market.

He finally found a special path to go public successfully. He kept a female star in Beijing and gave her millions every year. This female star knew how to play golf. Then he found a top foreign golf coach and sent her overseas to learn golf. She learned golf for about half a year. time. After coming back, I specifically found some top golf courses in Beijing to connect with some national-level and deputy-national-level people, and later connected with a deputy-national-level person. Think about it, it’s like a big joke. You have spent 20 million and still can’t go public. In the end, it was this female star who hooked up with this deputy national leader. After hooking up, his The company went public immediately. All these people in the Issuance Review Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission have no power to dictate who can go public this year? Who cannot be listed? Because they have leaders above them, and these leaders are people at the deputy state level and national level who are manipulating the stock market. So I can responsibly say that the capital market is worse than all other industries in China and worse than China’s poisonous food.

Anji Zhao’s mysterious death means Wall Street must finally decouple from the CCP

On February 11, the mysterious death of Angie Chao, the sister of former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, aroused great public attention. Ella Chao’s family is known as the first Chinese family in the United States. Ella Chao’s husband is McConnell, the minority leader of the Senate. Angie Zhao has been in charge of the Foremost Group owned by the Zhao family since 2018 and serves as the group’s chairman and CEO. Foremost operates a global fleet of bulk carriers transporting commodities such as iron ore and soybeans. The Zhao family has attracted attention for its deep political and business connections in the United States and China.

Shi Shan, senior editor and chief writer of The Epoch Times, said in the “Elite Forum” that the most peculiar thing about Zhao Anji’s case is that it was reported overwhelmingly all over the world, and all of it was originally reported by a Chinese media. This Chinese media said that Anji Zhao was hit and killed by a drunk American truck driver, and then the whole world reported it like this. After the report was completed, it was revealed a few days later that Anji Zhao was actually in Texas. On a private farm, he reversed his car into a pond and died. That farm is a farm owned by her sister Elaine Chao and her husband McConnell, and the local police in Texas have still refused to provide specific details.

Independent TV producer Li Jun said in the “Elite Forum” that Zhao Anji’s death should be said to be very, very deep, not ordinary deep. It is very much like a silence case. Let’s briefly talk about it. The first one is the case itself. Zhao Anji drowned in a pond. When the police arrived at the scene, they said they really didn’t know how the car entered the pond.

According to convention, this pond is about three to four meters long. It is unlikely that Zhao Anji reversed his car into the middle of the pond and drowned himself.

Li Jun said that Anji Zhao’s family is very special and has a very great influence in the political and business circles of the United States. Anji Zhao is the boss of Foremost Group, one of the largest shipping groups in the world, and she has an extremely close relationship with China and the CCP. . Her father was a classmate of Jiang Zemin, and she and her husband Jim Breyer were doing very well in business in China. Zhao Anji is an independent director of the Bank of China and a board member of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation. As we all know, these two are state-owned enterprises. You can be an independent director and board member of a state-owned enterprise of the Communist Party of China. This is not something ordinary people can get into. Moreover, she cooperates with the CCP military, including her husband, who cooperates very deeply with the military. Her husband is an investor who cooperates with China’s IDG Capital Company. In addition to high-tech investments, IDG also invests heavily in Chinese military enterprises. On February 9 this year, the Pentagon announced that IDG was a military industrial company and imposed sanctions on it. After the Pentagon announced the sanctions, his husband immediately stopped all investment cooperation with China. On February 11, something happened to Anji Zhao. . There are now various analyses. One analysis is that Zhao Anji and his wife may have mastered many secrets of the Chinese military during their cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party. These secrets may be very important to the Chinese Communist Party. They I don’t think she can let it out. What is even more strange is that the CCP was the first to spread rumors about this case, and the United States did not emphasize this case very much.

Guo Jun said in the “Elite Forum” that Zhao Anji, who died suddenly recently, and his husband Breyer are very famous on Wall Street. The most famous thing is that he invested in Facebook, now called Meta, and made a hundred times. He has also been a vice president of Blackstone Group, but the most important thing is that his own “Breyer Investment Fund” mainly invests in China.

In 2022, he accepted an interview and was asked about investing in China. He himself said that he was extremely shocked to see Jack Ma being quickly frozen. I think any capitalist with some intelligence will be extremely shocked by this incident and will ask a question: What is the political reason behind this situation? Or what are the institutional reasons? A world-class rich man like Jack Ma, whose net worth ranks first in Asia and among the top 100 in the world, can disappear for a year, and then his biggest asset is taken away, which is the shares of Ant Financial. What kind of phenomenon is this? What causes this? Why does it happen?

Guo Jun said that the CCP is now conducting a comprehensive clean-up in the financial field, mainly targeting the original group of financial giants, including senior financial officials, red second generation, and official second generation, and these people are the partners of Wall Street. In the past ten years, the industry with the largest economic growth in China has been the so-called “high technology + large capital operation”. This is the “Silicon Valley + Wall Street” model in the United States. This model can no longer continue in China. First of all, due to the confrontation between China and the United States, high-tech blockade is the core of the U.S. national security strategy, and this trend cannot be changed. Secondly, the CCP does not trust Wall Street, nor does it trust the Chinese who cooperate with Wall Street. So the entire game will basically be over in 2021. Therefore, we can say that the honeymoon period between Wall Street and the Chinese Communist Party is over. The decoupling between China and the United States is inevitable. Wall Street is unwilling to decouple now, but it will eventually decouple.

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