Emergency calls in Bremen and Hamburg disrupted: 112 and 110 severely impaired | News

112 and 110 severely affected |

Emergency calls in Bremen and Hamburg disrupted

The emergency call in two German Hanseatic cities is severely disrupted!

In Bremen and Hamburg, the emergency numbers 112 and 110 are severely impaired. The police and fire brigade control centers are currently operating in emergency mode.

“At the moment there seems to be disruption in the entire Hamburg telephone network. In some cases, both some of our departments and the emergency call 110 are affected,” the police said in a tweet. The cause of the failure was initially unknown.

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► The following applies to Bremen: If you need help and are unsuccessful when dialing the emergency numbers, dial 0421 19222. The guards of the professional and voluntary fire brigade in the Hanseatic city are manned and can accept requests for help.

► For Hamburg: In the event of an urgent emergency, be sure to go to the nearest police station. Urgent emergency calls are via the number of the control center of the rescue control centers 19222 possible!

It was also reported in Berlin that there were current disruptions in the network. This could affect the emergency call to the fire brigade and police. However, the emergency lines do not show any errors.

The German mobile and landline network has also been partially disrupted since 3 p.m. It is still unclear whether there is a connection between this disruption and the impairment of the emergency numbers.

More at BILD.

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