Emmanuel André tackles the “anti-vax”

“By encouraging women with a desire for pregnancy not to be vaccinated, when there was evidence that non-immune pregnant women had a higher risk of severe forms of the infection, these anti-vax caused real tragedies. »

It is with these words that Emmanuel André, microbiologist, tackles the anti-vax theories, which according to him, are completely unfounded.

“One of the most destructive fake news has been that claiming that Covid vaccines make you sterile. Today we know that births in France have increased since the introduction of vaccination. This strategy is a constant among anti-vaxers, because this type of anxiety-inducing announcement spreads virally, whereas they know that it will take at least 9 months for us to be able to provide definitive proof of the unfounded nature of these ads. »

A few weeks ago, he had also expressed his deep rejection of antivax following the suicide of a colleague: “An Austrian colleague, Dr Lisa Maria Kellermayr, committed suicide today. She was harassed and threatened by haters who deny the evidence that vaccines have saved and continue to save millions of lives. Let’s be indignant. »

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