DLAA becomes a new DLSS mode, NVIDIA makes it easier to integrate into games

2023-06-10 16:50:08

Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing finally becomes a full-fledged DLSS mode; will we soon find DLAA in all games?

DLAA support (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing) was added to GeForce Game Ready drivers as early as September 2021. Unlike DLSS which relies primarily on inference to upscale a computed image, the DLAA only focus on the part “anti-aliasing” of the treatment. However, this GeForce RTX feature intended to improve visual rendering is less often offered in games than DLSS and its different modes (Ultra-Performance, Performance, Balanced, Quality).

DLAA, ou du DLSS “Super Quality” sans upscaling

It was until now sometimes possible to activate the DLAA, in the games compatible with DLSS but deprived of this option, thanks to a small software. NVIDIA has, however, just updated its SDK DLSS a version 3.1.13 with a major new feature on the DLAA side: this feature is now directly available as DLSS modealongside the four existing modes.

The manufacturer probably hopes that developers will be more inclined to integrate this technology into their games by facilitating its use. The DLSS 3.1.13 SDK also introduces a new Preset “G” – probably linked to this new DLAA mode – which could find its usefulness in an upcoming update of the DLSS plugin for the Unreal Engine. We would still have liked this “DLSS without upscaling” mode to be available from the start in DLSS-compatible games, but better late than never.

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