Prince Harry’s Emotional Testimony: Revealing His Struggles with Paternity Rumors and Fear of Rejection from the Royal Family

2023-06-10 19:01:00

Oh Harry, one might say. Just hug and let yourself be hugged for a looong round!

And the man from Meghan Markle (41) once again reveals his emotional life.

For example, Harry spoke about paternity rumors surrounding James Hewitt (65). “I was 18 years old and had lost my mother six years earlier. Stories like that were hurtful, mean and cruel,” Harry told the court.

“Did the newspapers want to cast doubt to oust me from the royal family?” Prince Harry asked at the hearing.

In addition, the no longer active royal described his fear that the royal family could finally reject him because of the rumors about Hewitt.

Despite TV interviews and his tell-all book – we have never heard such statements from Prince Harry …

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