Emphasis on the importance of women’s mental and psychological health

Nadia Maznan, a coordinating doctor in the neighborhood medicine department of Burj Al-Kifan, highlighted the great role that the “doctor” played during the spread of the Corona virus, that is, during the health crisis that struck the world, and terrified many, in which others sacrificed their most precious things, lived in an atmosphere of fear, and behind the scenes that did not dare No one has to infringe on it for the sake of public health, and this is what, according to her, should make the individual stand in a state of respect in front of the “doctor”, who played both roles, the role of the woman in her home and in her family, and the role of the treating doctor in her community.

On this occasion, Dr. Maznan chose to talk, in particular, about “Women’s Mental Health” on her International Day, saying: “During this period the world lived and coexisted with very difficult conditions, some of which were difficult to the point of exceeding the carrying capacity of the individual. For more than three years, many have lost patience due to the difficult situations that unfolded; In the beginning, the movement that the Algerian had known for a whole year, then social events, created by the health crisis and economic turmoil, directly hit the purchasing power of the individual, who became suffering from two things: inflation and the rise in commodity prices, followed by a drought crisis that was talked about for a long time to the point of confusing society, to witness, today Talking about a very dangerous situation that threatens to erupt a third world war, due to the sensitivity that exists between superpowers.” She said: “The psychiatrist played a major role during this stage, as she proved her worth in helping to overcome the most living difficulties, and mitigating their impact on the individual, as sharing concerns with strangers is surprising, especially since it is logical that it provokes depression, Receiving negative energy daily and trying to convert it into positive energy, is a matter of courage.”

The doctor said that the slogan of the past year for International Women’s Day was “Choose to be challenged.” This idea of ​​challenge represents a warning to us at the individual and global level, that we are all responsible for our thoughts and actions. Perhaps the challenge that women face today, especially the psychiatrist, is the challenge of her mental health, especially since we are still living in the same difficult situation due to the deadly virus, the economic crisis and global politics.

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