Empowering Joris: Supporting Independent Living for a Mentally and Physically Disabled Individual

2023-12-04 11:08:45

Joris is a 36-year-old physically and mentally disabled person who decided to live alone 4 years ago. Very attached and very close to his mother, the shock was brutal when Joris, who in reality has the mentality of a 10 year old child, decided to live alone, in his own apartment.

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The Flemish agency for disabled people grants him a budget of 15,000 euros per year so that he can have daily day assistants and support him as best as possible. Mariane, Joris’s mother explains to Importance of Limburg that her son also needs people to look after him at night but that she can no longer cover this budget without additional help.

It has now been 3 years since an additional budget extension was accepted for Joris who was placed on the waiting list. Time is now running out for Mariane, who lives alone: ​​“Joris sleeps in his apartment five nights a week, with an assistant. It worked so well for him that he completely blossomed. But I can’t afford it anymore. I am a single mother. By living frugally, I can pay the rent and utilities on the apartment. But evening and night care costs 60 euros per night. Five nights a week, that’s 1250 euros per month or 15,000 euros per year. »

“I want Joris’s future to be secure”

The waiting period to benefit from this additional budget can be up to 10 years. Joris’ mother is overwhelmed by this situation and can only let her son sleep alone twice a week. She already notices that Joris is totally confused and lost by the situation. Mariane, who is 65 years old, wants to secure her son’s future and make him as independent as possible. This is why she launched a call for donations in the form of crowdfunding as well as a piggy bank to the places where Joris likes to go, in the town of Beringen where he lives: “Joris likes to be among people. He usually goes to the library or to cafes. Everyone knows him in the neighborhood.”

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By launching this call for donations, Marina hopes to be able to leave her son independent for as long as possible until she can benefit from this additional budget, which may arrive in several years.

Donations are possible via this platform with the following link: whydonate.com/fr/fundraising/joris

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