Essential Tips for Diabetics: Health Ministry Recommendations for Managing Diabetes

2023-12-16 02:00:00

The Ministry of Health and Population provided a set of important tips for diabetics, including:

Diabetics are always advised to exercise continuously, even if it is half an hour a day, but under the supervision of a doctor to prescribe exercises appropriate to the condition and coordinate them with taking medications.

– Undergo an eye examination to detect retinopathy, in addition to a urinalysis test once a year or according to the doctor’s recommendations, as he may be required to undergo these tests more than once.

– Measuring cholesterol and triglyceride levels, i.e. lipid analysis, once a year.

– Undergo a dental examination every six months.

– Take good care of your skin and feet, and if any changes occur in them, you must visit a doctor immediately.

– Refrain from smoking, as it is one of the worst habits that some people follow and affects their health, especially diabetics.

– Try to control the level of stress as much as possible and avoid tension and psychological pressure.

– Avoid eating fatty foods that contain oils and fats and replace them with healthy foods, vegetables and fruits.

-Avoid eating foods that contain a high percentage of sugars and replace them with healthy foods such as fruits and natural juices

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