Eva Gomez’s Response to Junior Playboy’s Controversial Statements on Purgatory Show

2023-12-03 14:12:24

In his recent participation in PurgatoryEva Gómez responded forcefully to Junior Playboy’s controversial statements about her before entering Tierra Brava.

The boy openly expressed his interest in the former entertainer of the Viña del Mar Festival, praising her as an attractive woman and a spectacular communicator. But the most controversial part was the hot confession that the man made, since he stated that he would like to have sex with the Spanish woman. However, these words were not well received by Gómez.

“It seems unusual to me that someone says on screen that they want to have sex with someone,” commented the communicator, questioning the lack of tact of her confinement partner. In that same vein, she maintained that “I think that if I had ever wanted to have sex with him, which is not the case, my libido would immediately go down.”

“I consider it inappropriate for someone to say on screen, without knowing whether I want it or not, that they want to have sex with me,” he said.

“It doesn’t seem to me, we are in different times,” stressed the Spaniard. “Point two, I have children and I don’t find those types of statements,” she added.

Finally Eva revealed that she previously expressed her discontent to Junior Playboy, and he acknowledged that he had crossed boundaries. In addition, the reality boy had apologized to Gómez’s children on camera, acknowledging that he had gone too far and stating that he greatly respected the communicator.

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Check out the moment below:

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