Exorbitant Hospital Parking Prices in Brussels and Walloon Brabant: Up to €17.60 per Day!

2023-12-06 13:40:10

Several months ago, we informed you of the exorbitant prices for parking in hospitals in Brussels and Walloon Brabant. A price that could go up to €17.60 for… just one day!

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This Wednesday, it was Nathan who complained to our RTL info colleagues prices applied to the Cliniques Saint-Luc in Brussels. Following an epileptic attack, this young Brussels resident had to, despite himself, regularly attend the hospital and was forced to use the attached parking lot. The price? €1.75 per hour started. “Can you imagine for people who have to do exams that take a few hours? This is getting scandalous! »

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Towards free?

According to him, the cost of parking should amount to 0€. “It’s a hospital, not a leisure activity or a choice,” he protests to our colleagues. “Private companies manage this and I can imagine the exorbitant cost for some people who do exams over a day. Not to mention the fact that the hospital isn’t free either. » In Saint-Luc, the private company Q-Park manages the municipal parking lot.

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