“It’s Scandalous: Some Unions Claiming to be Slavers Despite Contrary Evidence”

The Liberal minister has dismissed claims from some unions that they are slavers and underemployers, stating that it is not the case. The conflict at Delhaize followed the company’s announcement that it will transfer 128 stores to franchise status, which the Minister of the Independents believes highlights the need for labor market reform. The supermarket … Read more

A passenger on a flight to Belgium is noticed in a very sad way at Cluj airport: “Scandalous behavior” (video)

The information is shared by the Romanian media on Monday. A visibly drunk passenger was expelled from a flight to Belgium. The scene took place at Cluj-Napoca airport (Romania) and testifies to “scandalous” behavior by the man in question. of videos This would have, according to information from Pro TV, disturbed several passengers. The intervention … Read more

he receives a fine of 350 euros even though his car can drive in a low-emission zone, “it’s truly scandalous!”

Brussels Taxation has been showing all the colors to Frantz, from Enghien, for almost a year, as our colleagues from RTL Info tell us. It all started in April 2022, with a first letter telling him that he could not drive in a low emission zone with a Euro 4 vehicle. “I received a first … Read more

Francine discovers with amazement having paid 30 euros per month for 20 years… for nothing: “It is absolutely scandalous!”

Francine Guilbert recently suffered two consecutive strokes. Former service woman at the town hall of Wattignies, the octogenarian has contributed to funeral insurance for nearly 20 years with MBTP, his mutual, in order to financially secure his funeral. To date, in the event of death, the amount of his funeral expenses guarantee amounts to just … Read more

Jurgen refuses to pay his deposit of 2,074 euros, which he considers “twice too high”, but his energy supplier threatens him to close the floodgates: “It’s scandalous”

“This greatly increased amount was imposed unilaterally and was in no way adapted to our consumption,” Jurgen Exelmans told our colleagues at Newspaper. If Jurgen doesn’t pay, Octa+ threatens to stop supplying him with energy. The first time the supplier wanted to increase his down payment, Jurgen refused and the story ended there. This time … Read more

Because of a small detail on his identity card, Giovanni loses the trip for which he had saved for months: “Shameful and scandalous”

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 11:38 a.m. Par Sudinfo The Belgian was unable to leave despite a compliant and paid TUI reservation. It’s a bad surprise that Giovanni would have done without. This week, the young man was to take off for a week’s all-inclusive vacation in Bulgaria. Except that, as his dad … Read more